Social Wi-Fi

Rikken Social Wi-Fi solution is an innovative product that transforms your Wi-Fi into a resourceful marketing tool; empowering you to get ROI (Return On Investment) on free Wi-Fi offered to customers. It enables you to deploy superior location-based and online marketing strategies that guarantee more leads as well as sales.

Personal computing

personal computer

We supply personal computers by all major brands in the industry such as HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Mecer and Acer among others. This includes hardware and software for desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Server Support

Rikken provides server solutions to cater for the ever growing data needs of your business. As part of our server solution packages, we supply, install and support server hardware and software. Our team of server engineers holds varied industry certifications in HP and Dell, among others.


Networking Solutions

The sharing of information and computer resources makes it necessary to have networks in place. In line with this, Rikken has highly qualified and experienced network engineers who ensure that we deliver network solutions that suit your needs. Our network solutions includes; Local Area Network (LAN) Audits, wired and wireless LAN installations based on Siemon Structured Cabling Standards (SCS), Wide Area Network (WAN) setup, Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup to interconnect company private networks and N-Computing to enable desktop virtualization.


computer security

Securing the data and information assets of a company is one of the major concerns for many clients and hence the need for security solutions that adequately address this. Consequently, Rikken offers a varied range of security solutions which include; hardware and software based Firewalls, Anti-virus and Anti-spam softwares, among others.

Mobile data collection

mobile data solutions

The advancement of mobile technology has lead to more use of mobile devices, especially in Africa. This has brought about a revolution in the way businesses access and collect customer data.
To get a better understanding of your existing and target clients, there is need to conduct surveys on these populations. Rikken helps you to harness the power of mobile data collection by delivering tailor-made systems that will make your survey operations efficient, cheaper, secure and more accurate.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology has rapidly gained popularity over the past few years due to the benefits accrued by companies that adopt its use. One of the key benefits is facilitation of remote access to data, especially for mobile users. It’s also used as a location for making off-site data backups and access to sofware services through a model known as Software As A Service (SAAS), among other benefits. We provide cloud computing solutions that may be customized to suit your needs.

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What Clients have to Say

Adbulahi Mohamed
Date: Aug 27, 2013

Thanks Patrick for you professional services, I very much appreciate your services and looking forward to giving you more business. Adbulahi Mohamed - Network Administrator,Westlands

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